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Welcome to my Breyerfest 2023 Lineup! 

**Click on an image to view the sales ad**

Each piece has been lovingly and uniquely hand painted.

I paint in acrylics, and finish each piece with multiple coats of a matte sealant. Each model has their eyes, nostrils and hooves glossed. The bottoms of hooves are also glossed for protection while on display. 

I ship to US and CANADA. Shipping is not included in pricing. Each model is carefully wrapped in unbleached muslin and multiple layers of bubble wrap before being surrounded in packing peanuts inside a new shipping box. I include tracking and insurance in shipping unless customer specifically asks to forgo. 

I pack very well and have rarely heard of models arriving with any damage. Once a model leaves my hands, I am no longer responsible for any damage or loss that may occur in shipping. I do not have the time to perform repair-work, so I ask that models be sent to a repair artist. 

*All Sales are Final. No refunds or returns are accepted.*

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