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stablemate + curio scale

Solid Colors - $800+

Patterned/Heavily Dappled Colors - $1000+

classic + traditional scale

Solid Colors - $1900+

Patterned/Heavily Dappled Colors - $2500+



Small - Mid size - $300+
Mid- Large - $500+

* prices do not include shipping. model must be provided by client.  price includes minor prepping *

-  TERMS  -

- Commissions are accepted as I am inspired. Not by first come, first serve. 

- From start to finish, commissions can take anywhere from 1 - 4 months, but sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances may exceed this.


- I include minor prep work in my pricing. I ask that anything more be completed by a prep artist prior to sending the model to me for finishwork. 

- Once a model is completed, the client has 2 weeks to complete payment on the model. If this is not possible, communication is key. I am understanding, and we can probably work something out! ;)


- Forms of payment accepted are Zelle, Paypal, and Personal Check. Personal Check being the preferred option.

- Commissions will be taken on as I am able. There is no strict schedule for when I open commissions. I will announce through my social media pages when I have some spaces to fill! When they are open, there will be a form here, on my website. 

- Although my preference is payment in full upon completion, payment plans are an option if needed/desired. 

- At this time, I am only accepting commissions within the US, with a few exceptions every once in a while. 

- Price quotes and booked commission spots expire 30 days after originally given. If, due to change in client's circumstance, they are unable to get the model to me within 30 days after booking, I am no longer able to honor the previous quote and booked spot. 

-Each model is carefully wrapped in unbleached muslin and multiple layers of bubble wrap before being surrounded in packing peanuts inside a new shipping box. I include tracking and insurance for the full purchase price in shipping unless the customer specifically asks to forgo. I ship via USPS Priority.

** Please do not ship your model including any materials you hope/expect to be sent back **

-I pack very well and have rarely heard of models arriving with any damage. Once a model leaves my hands, I am no longer responsible for any damage or loss that may occur in shipping.


-I do not have the time to perform repair-work, so I ask that models be sent to a repair artist.

*All Sales are Final. No refunds or returns are accepted. All payments made are non-refundable.*

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