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Happy Breyerfest! Commissions are OPEN!


Entry Form

Choose your payment method:

Thanks for entering! And good luck!

The "fine print"

Please review my terms and pricing here before entering the lottery. Quotes for paint work will only be given to the entries that I choose to accept. The price estimates I give on my "Pricing" page are fairly close to the final quotes.

Commission Spots are not first come, first served. I accept commissions as I am inspired.


I do portrait models, work off of selected references, or you may opt for artist choice. In the case of artist choice, you may choose certain parameters, or you may choose to give me full artistic freedom. 


I prefer to work on newer, well known models, and do not accept commissions on "Seunta" cast models. Please do not enter plastic models in this commission lottery. 

Due to restrictions, I am only shipping within the US and Canada at the moment. If you are not based in the US/Canada, but have a "middle-man" that I can ship to, this is an option. 

Payment methods accepted include: Check, Zelle and PayPal, with Check being the preferred option. 


Upon acceptance of your entry, you may then choose to confirm the booking, or pass. In the case of the latter, your commission spot will be given to another entrant. 

Thank you!

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